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Module 2 15/09/2009

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Blogging is a terrific idea for use in the classroom- with some reservations. Ready access to a computerĀ is an absolute necessity otherwise the blog is a historical record of learning that has already happened. Another issue that I have already encountered is the time required to add posts. I guess that once you get into the habit and rhythm the blog will grow.


Module 1- iGoogle

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So much time can be spent on your gadgets that could easily occupy hours of your time. I must admit that I am a minimalist and have few nicknacks collecting dust on the shelves at home. I guess that I am the same on google. Just the bare minimum of clutter for me- mail, news and currency converter for that overseas trip!


Web 2.0- The Course!

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I am now working my way through the web 2.0 modules in earnest so now I must recommence blogging. I have been surfing the net just as much over the past year but have just been a viewer rather than a contributor. So… if you visit my blog from now on you will see what I have to say. I hope you find it worth the trouble.