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Module 6 30/11/2009

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Creating and Communicating Online

Isn’t this what web 2.0 is all about?

Mindmapping has been in the teacher toolkit for quite some time and is a very handy tool. Online mindmapping just makes sense. I have seen used successfully by an ICT savvy teacher with students in Year 1. Another application that would be familiar to Inspiration users is Webspiration.


Module 5

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Podcasts and Vodcasts

Like many teachers I have used Powerpoint, Photostory and Moviemaker as tools for teaching and for presentation of student learning. This is the next step in our increasingly digital age.

iTunes and YouTube are fantastic tools not only in the classroom but for many other areas in life. My husband has used YouTube for do-it-yourself fixing a boat engine!


Module 4

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Exploring photos and videos on the web

I have started using Flickr for my own photos. I can see that students will love uploading their photos and videos on the web. The issue of copyright is a big one as it is sometimes difficult for students to understand that something on the web, a public domain, could be owned by someone. Students often simply cut and paste text, graphics and videos to add to their own work. Copyright becomes a much trickier issue when web 2.0 encourages knowledge creation through collaboration.

Love Flickr and can’t wait to upload more of my favourite images!


Module 3- Google docs 23/11/2009

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Yes I know that I’m on leave but what a perfect time to play with new applications. As part of Sydney CEO web 2 course, this learning module is about google docs in the classroom.

View the Youtube video- Teachers and Principals Talk about Google Docs

The benefits of collaboration and ease of saving documents makes Google Docs a worthwhile addition to the classroom.


My travels

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I have just returned from a fantastic trip to Hawaii, Las Vegas and extraordinary Grand Canyon. Wonderful people, sites and memories. Cruising the Hawaiian islands in seven nights is a brief but spectacular way to see the sights. Already planning the next trip… and it won’t be in 20 years time either!