Lise Sercombe

A journey where a teacher is the student

Module 10 03/12/2009

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Learning Communities

Wikis, Blooms has gone digital and Web 2

Web 2 has changed the way teachers need to work with students. It is a scary thought to some but our job as teachers is to facilitate learning for our students. This needs to be done according to the times and the world we live in. I think about the way I was taught in the 1970s and it involved changing teacher practice way back then too. Ball point pens, metric, television, relaxing censorship and feminism affected the way teachers operated in their classrooms. I remember walls coming down between classes and team teaching, student choice of school projects and going on week long camps for environmental education. But I also remember teachers who refused to do these things and insisted on cartridge pens, no student choice and corporal punishment for not remembering the dance steps.

I am excited about the possibilities and the knowledge that during my teaching career I will be using technology that hasn’t been sold in the shops yet and maybe hasn’t even been invented yet. I am also excited to be working alongside people who are firmly part of learning communities and share their work. Andrew Churches work with updating Blooms is a great example. He isn’t the only one and wikis such as Web 2 for CEO teachers extends, inspires and really helps me to be a better teacher.

What a great time to be a teacher!


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