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Our Students 24/01/2010

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I am interested in the characteristics of the different generations. Defining generations can fence people in and I have experienced this myself. I happily for the greater part of my life believed myself to be Gen X only to be reassigned to Baby Boomers without any consultation or permission! It has affected the way that I think others view me and this worries me a bit.

So back to my real purpose of looking at some of the commonalities and expectations of the current students of our primary schools. What is the name of the primary school generation born after 2000? Are these students different to the Gen Ys? If our lives are shaped by the world we live in then the answer would have to be yes. Think of the changes in technology and the political climate of the world since 2000.

I started teaching in 1999 and the tools of trade have changed even in the conservative, budget-constrained environment of school. The gadgets and gizmos that I use in my home are at most a few years old. My home answering machine hasn’t been used in years and even my email inbox is becoming old-fashioned. I SMS, blog, Facebook and increasingly Twitter to communicate with just about everyone I know professionally and personally. The only phone calls I make are to older relatives- the real Baby Boomers to my mind!

So this has become my world but because I have adapted and accommodated the vast changes along the way. However I still have the skills and knowledge of how things used to be and these come in handy still. I couldn’t imagine anything else for me.

So back to my quest for finding out as much as I can about this current generation of students just starting their formal education. How do they experience the world? As a teacher I need to know this as expertly as I know curriculum. How will I find this out? Easy! Get to really know our students- the current students starting in our classes this year.


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