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Blog On 15/07/2010

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It has been a long time since my last post. I have spent a great deal of time on my macbook collaborating with many teachers. I have neglected my blog. Well I must find a way to incorporate my learning here. This is my midyear resolution!


Twitter twitter tweet tweet 11/01/2010

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Twitter has been around for a while now but it has been only over the last week or so that I have become part of  Twitterland and a fan. Even though I have only a few followers at the moment I have already become part of a terrific community of educators. I look forward to tweeting, learning and collaborating with interesting people from all over the world in the coming weeks and months.

Just in case you haven’t looked into Twitter yet, here is some great information that can explain and answer your questions. I believe that Twitter will greatly enhance my own professional learning. Maybe it can do that for you too.


Children’s blogging and literacy skills 10/12/2009

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Children who blog, text or use social networking websites are more confident about their writing skills, according to the National Literacy Trust. Interestingly,  informal texting language is not a hindrance to literacy skills overall. It makes sense though doesn’t it- the kids that write more have better literacy. Another reason to use web 2 tools in the classroom. The full news story can be accessed below.

Children who use technology are better writers


Module 9 03/12/2009

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Networks for all occasions

This module was one of the most familiar to me. I love networking! First on a professional teacher level, the learning objects compiled by the Learning Federation have been well used in my teaching. Now with Scootle teachers can readily access some great resources and create tailor-made learning paths jam packed, rich learning experiences for their students.

Facebook is a terrific social network site. I have had a great laugh with friends and have reconnected with long lost buddies too. However there can be pitfalls if not managed well. The term friends I think should really mean friends as allowing not-so-friendly people into your network can create problems. I know teaching colleagues who have stopped facebooking because troublesome ex-students have gained access. Discernment is the key.


Module 8

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RSS Feeds and Google Reader

This module was all about setting up a RSS feeds. By using this RSS feed I can now receive updates to websites that I want to keep tabs on. New information on these sites comes directly to me. I like RSS because I can subscribe to sites and know when new postings are made when they are made. This application could be particularly useful if you have a class blog or journal was each time it was updated the page could send an update to Google reader so that you are alerted when students have added a post or blog. What a great time saver!


Module 7 02/12/2009

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Social Bookmarking

Delicious is a great way to keep tabs of all the great websites that you discover. This is especially so when you use several computers. In the past I have tried to use Word to cut and paste but never find that particular document days, weeks or months later when I want to revisit that fantastic site.

I am still trying to work out the best way to organise the websites so I can readily rediscover and share with others. I guess it will be through trial and error…just like all new things.


Module 2 15/09/2009

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Blogging is a terrific idea for use in the classroom- with some reservations. Ready access to a computer is an absolute necessity otherwise the blog is a historical record of learning that has already happened. Another issue that I have already encountered is the time required to add posts. I guess that once you get into the habit and rhythm the blog will grow.