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Learning to change, changing to learn 25/01/2010

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Thanks to the magic of Twitter, I received a link to this video originally posted on SchoolTube. The video features several educators with some great points. Worthwhile video for discussion with a group of teachers about the whole notion of change.


Twitter twitter tweet tweet 11/01/2010

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Twitter has been around for a while now but it has been only over the last week or so that I have become part of  Twitterland and a fan. Even though I have only a few followers at the moment I have already become part of a terrific community of educators. I look forward to tweeting, learning and collaborating with interesting people from all over the world in the coming weeks and months.

Just in case you haven’t looked into Twitter yet, here is some great information that can explain and answer your questions. I believe that Twitter will greatly enhance my own professional learning. Maybe it can do that for you too.


Creativity of children and school 04/01/2010

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Thanks to holiday browsing time I came across TED. One of the first videos was a long but entertaining talk by Ken Robinson about schools killing creativity. He doesn’t point the finger at teachers rather the creation of schools in the 19th century to meet the needs of industrialism. How many of us were steered away from creative pursuits as kids and told don’t take music at school because you won’t be a musician when you grow up. I won’t give this ‘benign’ advice to my students anymore!

By the way, I will be thoroughly exploring the TED talks. Very inspiring.


Module 10 03/12/2009

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Learning Communities

Wikis, Blooms has gone digital and Web 2

Web 2 has changed the way teachers need to work with students. It is a scary thought to some but our job as teachers is to facilitate learning for our students. This needs to be done according to the times and the world we live in. I think about the way I was taught in the 1970s and it involved changing teacher practice way back then too. Ball point pens, metric, television, relaxing censorship and feminism affected the way teachers operated in their classrooms. I remember walls coming down between classes and team teaching, student choice of school projects and going on week long camps for environmental education. But I also remember teachers who refused to do these things and insisted on cartridge pens, no student choice and corporal punishment for not remembering the dance steps.

I am excited about the possibilities and the knowledge that during my teaching career I will be using technology that hasn’t been sold in the shops yet and maybe hasn’t even been invented yet. I am also excited to be working alongside people who are firmly part of learning communities and share their work. Andrew Churches work with updating Blooms is a great example. He isn’t the only one and wikis such as Web 2 for CEO teachers extends, inspires and really helps me to be a better teacher.

What a great time to be a teacher!


Module 8

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RSS Feeds and Google Reader

This module was all about setting up a RSS feeds. By using this RSS feed I can now receive updates to websites that I want to keep tabs on. New information on these sites comes directly to me. I like RSS because I can subscribe to sites and know when new postings are made when they are made. This application could be particularly useful if you have a class blog or journal was each time it was updated the page could send an update to Google reader so that you are alerted when students have added a post or blog. What a great time saver!


Module 3- Google docs 23/11/2009

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Yes I know that I’m on leave but what a perfect time to play with new applications. As part of Sydney CEO web 2 course, this learning module is about google docs in the classroom.

View the Youtube video- Teachers and Principals Talk about Google Docs

The benefits of collaboration and ease of saving documents makes Google Docs a worthwhile addition to the classroom.


Controversial? What do you think? 22/01/2009

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One of my holiday activities was spending four days at university learning about learning. There is a great deal to say about this topic and I will. Learning styles is often talked about and I found this clip on TeacherTube. I would be interested to read your comments about there being no such thing as learning styles.