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Learning to change, changing to learn 25/01/2010

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Thanks to the magic of Twitter, I received a link to this video originally posted on SchoolTube. The video features several educators with some great points. Worthwhile video for discussion with a group of teachers about the whole notion of change.


National Standards 24/01/2010

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National standards and testing is a topic of interest for educators in many parts of the world. The following article from Education Week provides food for thought.


via Education Week: Debunking the Case for National Standards.


Creativity of children and school 04/01/2010

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Thanks to holiday browsing time I came across TED. One of the first videos was a long but entertaining talk by Ken Robinson about schools killing creativity. He doesn’t point the finger at teachers rather the creation of schools in the 19th century to meet the needs of industrialism. How many of us were steered away from creative pursuits as kids and told don’t take music at school because you won’t be a musician when you grow up. I won’t give this ‘benign’ advice to my students anymore!

By the way, I will be thoroughly exploring the TED talks. Very inspiring.


Children’s blogging and literacy skills 10/12/2009

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Children who blog, text or use social networking websites are more confident about their writing skills, according to the National Literacy Trust. Interestingly, ¬†informal texting language is not a hindrance to literacy skills overall. It makes sense though doesn’t it- the kids that write more have better literacy. Another reason to use web 2 tools in the classroom. The full news story can be accessed below.

Children who use technology are better writers


TeacherTube – Learning Styles Do Not Exist 22/01/2009

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Vodpod videos no longer available.